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Originally studying photo journalism, Sferrazza found a passion for cinematography and film during his time at New York Queens College, initially inspired by Italian Neo Realism films it has become an element that still influences his work to date.

True to style, Sferrazza has employed the use of a documentary style with juxtaposed performances in his work, creating a contemporary, organic, aesthetic. Sferrazza is a commercials director, known to direct mostly comedy performance or beauty.  Approaching each project with a consistent style, he’s now looking to develop more films and constantly evolving. His debut project “Tom Wills” was aired on channel 10 in 2016 and more recently his self-funded short film “BEAST” was the winner of Best Australian Short at Flickerfest and has been selected for the 2018 Academy ©Awards in the International Short film category. Chris has directed over 180 commercials.